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1. How many entry conditions do you want to use in your custom indicator:

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Important information about the Custom Plan:

An entry condition can be a custom condition or a common technical indicator like EMA, MACD, RSI, ICHIMOKU...

On checkout, you will need to add order notes to precise the details of your custom indicator. This is necessary to create your indicator, so make sure you don’t forget it and try to be the most precise and clear possible in your demand.

Here is an example of Order Notes for a Custom Indicator:

I would like a mix of MACD and RSI indicators, with an Entry Confirmation and an Exit Condition.

Entry Condition: MACD is positive and rising (long) or MACD is negative and falling (short) AND: RSI is above 50 and rising (long) or RSI is below 50 and falling (short)

Entry Confirmation (can trigger a trade even on candle just after an entry signal if the confirmation was not true when the entry signal happened) : Price is above EMA 50 (long) or Price is below EMA 50 (short)

Exit Condition: MACD is negative and falling (long) or MACD is positive and rising (short)

In case we need to communicate about your order, to get more details or confirm what you want, please join our Discord if you can, and let us know your Discord username in the Order Notes. In case we are not able to reach out to you on Discord, we will communicate with you through emails, so please make sure you fill a valid email address at checkout.

The delivery of your custom indicator will occurs from 3 to 7 days after you order is received. You will be informed automatically by email when your indicator is ready, and we will give you access to your it directly on your Tradingview account. Please make sure you fill the correct Tradingview username during your order checkout, or let us know as soon as possible if there was a mistake in the Username you filled, by reaching out to us on Discord or by sending us an email (don't forget to precise your order number):

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